AAF Activities

AAF activities (3 cfu)


In order to complete Data Science M.Sc. program you need to acquire the mandatory 3 credits of AAF included in each study plan.

•To get the 3 credits of AAF activities the student have to accomplish the following:

1.One training camp (no alternative option, this is mandatory)
2.One  among the following options:
a.1 Hackathon
b.1 training camp (a second training camp)
c. At least 60 hours of stage/internship - The company must not be the same chosen for the thesis internship
• Once both 1. and 2. are accomplished, the student must send  a message to datascience@i3s.uniroma1.it , provide a suitable description and documentation(*) of the activities and register to the AAF exam call on the INFOSTUD system
Since in each study plan AAF (Other Activities) can be scheduled during the second year (either semesters) registration can take place on any exam session of the second year (or later).
(*) The following are considered as acceptable documentation: certificate attendance, self-certification/affidavit.

Training Camps:

  • Training Camps are made available by leading industries during the summer break.
  • A training camp lasts 3 – 5 days under the direction of industrial instructors.
  • Training camps present industrial solutions for big data management, machine learning, data analytics, cloud computing, ….
  • You will receive an e-mail from datascience@i3s.uniroma1.it  whenever registration will be open.


Next INFOSTUD exam call : September 15th 2023