ILP 2020 meeting

ILP 2020  - Data_Science_Sapienza - Industrial Liaison Program 2020

Friday 7 February 2020 -

Aula P1 - CU037 Building - Main Campus

10:00 welcome by prof. Luca Tardella (Data Science M.Sc. Program Chair)
10:10 ILP Introduction by prof. Francesca Cuomo (ILP Chair) with speed presentation of participating companies: Accenture, Almawave, Bip., Bridgestone, Cineca, Crisma, Engineering, Eurecat/ISI, FAO, KPMG, NTTdata, Opencoesione, PosteItaliane, Reply, Rhea, Skienda, Telecom Italia, TomTom
10:20 company presentation by Enel, SourceSense, Translated./PiCampus, Unicredit
11:00-12.30 individual meetings with students
13:00 closing

A general description of the initiative with a list of the partners of past editions can be found at