Hack.Data - Discover the Data, define the future of Italy!

Hack.Data Italia (https://hack.data.italia.it/), is a “multi-event” data hackathon organized by Data & Analytics Framework by the Digital Transformation Team of the Italian Government in partnership with ISTAT, and in collaboration with Codemotion and Open Search Network.

Hack.Data Italia is a coding competition organized for passionate and constructive “hackers”: students, software programmers, developers, designers, data journalists, data scientists, civic hackers, startuppers, anyone interested in data.

Participants will contribute to the development of applications based on open data and private data in order to:

  • solve real-life problems proposed by italian companies.
  • discover innovative uses of open data for the economic growth and social progress.

The hackathon will be divided into 2 main events:

  • an online hackathon that will take place from July 8 to September 23.
  • an onsite hackathon that will take place in Rome on October 20 and 21.

During both events participants will have to solve “Data Science Challenges” related to business problems presented by the main sponsors. They will have to do that using machine learning on sponsors’ datasets, eventually using open data.

The problems will require technical abilities and professional data science knowledge and skills. But all this is worth the effort as hackers will be rewarded for their hard work: the final prizes start from 5.000€ for each challenge.

For those who are not data scientists or IT specialists, there will be some more “Civic Challenges“: a series of problems that can be solved with some creativity using the open data tools delivered by the Data & Analytics Framework (DAF).

The aim of Civic Challenges is to develop useful and creative applications of Open Data and DAF tools, related to Public Administration and citizenship, that aim at the development of so-called data economy (startup ideas with a data based business model).

The prizes for the winners of these challenges will be personalized “Coursera” courses vouchers.

For more details and for registration, please visit the following website: Hack.Data website (https://hack.data.italia.it/).

International and english speaking attendees are more than welcome for this incredible hackathon!

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Join Hack.Data! The biggest #OpenData & #DataScience #hackathon in Italy is organized by Digital Transformation Team and ISTAT, in collaboration with Codemotion and Open Search Network. Discover all the details, the prizes and the challenges of this online and onsite hackathon.

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Join Hack.Data! The biggest #OpenData & #DataScience #hackathon in Italy is organized by @ITdigitalteam and @istat_it, in collaboration with @CodemotionIT and @OpenSearchNet. Discover all the details and the prizes of this event.