OpenCoesione Hackathon

OpenCoesione Hackathon b-version

Spaces of Cohesion and Culture 

Rome, 2-3 October 2019


The Italian cultural heritage includes nearly five thousand museums and similar institutions, both public and private, open to the public. These are museums, galleries, collections, archaeological areas and parks, monuments and monumental complexes. There are thousands of funded projects - more than 8 thousand - thanks to cohesion policies, related to the sectors of cultural heritage and tourism. 

What are the museums that benefit from the funds to carry out these projects? Where are they and what are their characteristics? together with the registry of the ISTAT museums, we have the opportunity to deepen the analysis and generate concrete answers. By exploring the OpenCoesione data together with the ISTAT census of the museums, we have the opportunity to improve the analysis and generate more concrete answers.

The OpenCoesione team launches a first experimental datathon, with the University of Rome "La Sapienza", on the projects of cohesion policies in the cultural sphere. The hackathon will take place on 2 and 3 October 2019 at the headquarters of the Evaluation Unit of the Department for Cohesion Policies, where a team of students from the Data Science course will have the opportunity to work with data analysis experts on the data available on OpenCoesione and ISTAT.

Team members will be able to process and enrich data, combining text mining, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and georeferencing techniques for unstructured data, by integrating valuable additional sources and data from online collaborative projects, community data, such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and producing visualizations. During the hacking experiment, students and mentors of OpenCoesione will share computational and statistical skills to solve challenges and respond to relevant issues.

The results of the two-days event will be made public with the aim of raising awareness of cohesion policies in Italy.


Students who are interested to take part can submit this form before September 30th. If you are selected you will be notified by email.