The Faculty of Information Engineering, Informatics, and Statistics was founded in November 2010 and is the result of the merger of the Faculty of Information Engineering, the Department of Computer Science and the Faculty of Statistics. The new Faculty is devoted to the advancement of knowledge and the education of students in all areas of Computer, Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies or ICT for short: Information and Communication Technologies. ICT enjoys an ever-increasing demand and is recognised as the hub of innovation. The Faculty teaches its students the scientific foundations and the technologies needed to transform data and information into knowledge and provides the logical and cultural tools for dealing with the complexity of today’s world. The Faculty has a truly modern and interdisciplinary approach; it guarantees a high level of preparation in traditional professions, and paves the way for new professional profiles; its graduates can look forward to becoming active leaders in contemporary society. ICT consists of around 250 professors, the same number of doctoral students and post docs all working within four departments. Its research includes everything from nanotechnologies, communication networks, mobile computing, theoretical computer and system sciences to computer engineering, web and social networks, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, bioengineering, operation, research, statistics, management, and demography.The degree programmes offer students a wide range of subjects. The Faculty covers 10 undergraduate and 13 graduate programmes and hosts 11 professional master programmes and 14 doctoral programmes. The Faculty is particularly keen on internationalization: it participates in several international research and educational projects, fosters student exchanges, joint degrees with high ranking foreign universities, and encourages the enrolment of foreign students.

For more information: http://www.i3s.uniroma1.it/it