Student honors

Highly qualified students who have enrolled to the second year of the M.Sc. in Data Science are eligible for the student honors program. Annual call is usually issued in December.

For the present academic year the official call for application is now available. If you are eligible you must apply by February 7th 2022. There are 11 positions available.

The new set of rules and requirements has been updated and is available here. 
The submission deadline and the publication date of the results are specified in the call. Upon competitive criteria as detailed in the call (number of credits earned during the first academic year, weighted average grade), a limited number of students are selected and admitted to the Data Science student honors program. Selected students will be assigned to a tutor who will plan scientific and educational activities in addition to those being part of the regular course of study. These activities, for a maximum of 100 hours per year, may include participation to PhD seminars or to summer/winter schools, extra project work in the framework of a national or European research project or an internship with an industrial partner. In any case the activities must be assigned and approved by the tutor. 

In order to successfully complete the honors program, students must conclude the additional planned scientific and educational activities in time and, by the end of their second year, the must earn at least 57 credits by the end of November with a weighted average grade on exams larger or equal than twenty-eight (out of thirty). A list of the additional planned activities can be found in the following Moodle.