The Master Degree in Data Science in Sapienza has been fully renewed under the Class LM-DATA. All the informations are available here:

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All informations are available here:

To be admitted to the masters degree programme you need to meet the curricular requirements (RC) and have an appropriate personal preparation (APP)

Curricular requirements

The curricular requirements (RC) are the ones below:

(RC-a) 3-year degree or university diploma, or other adequate educational qualifications gained abroad.

(RC-b) at least 90 Credits (ECTS/CFU) in the set of Academic Disciplines (SSD) below:

- Mathematics and Computer Science: MAT/*, INF/01

- Physics: FIS/*

- Economics and Statistics: SECS-P/*, SECS-S/*

- Industrial and Information Technology Engineering: ING-IND/*, ING-INF/*

- Biology: BIO/*

- Law: IUS/*

(RC-c) B2 level, or higher, English language knowledge.


These curricular requirements seek to ensure access to the degree programme for all the graduates in the degree classes L-8 (Information Technology Engineering), L-31 (Computer Science) e L-41 (Statistics), as well as graduates in the degree classes L-18 (Economics and Management), L-30 (Physics), L-33 (Economics) and L-35 (Mathematics) and in the corresponding classes referred to in the D.M. 509/1999.


Knowledge verification procedures

Without the conditions (RC-a) and (RC-b) enrolment in the degree programme is not possible.

For students who satisfy conditions (RC-a) and (RC-b), the adequacy of the personal preparation (APP) shall be assessed based on the results achieved in educational qualification used for the purposes of admission to the masters degree programme. In particular, the personal preparation shall be verified relative to the knowledge below:

(APP-1). Mathematics: Differential and integral calculus for functions of one or more real variable; elements of linear algebra and analytic geometry in the plane.

(APP-2). Probability: random variables, distributions of expected values; main classes of parametric distributions of random variables; convergence of sequences of random variables.

(APP-3). Computer Science: Programming principles; at least one programming language amongst C, C++, C#, Java, Python.


The above-mentioned knowledge shall be verified by a proper Selection Board, appointed by the Educational Area Committee, that will automatically approve the admission to the masters degree programme for candidates with at least:


1. 12 Credits in the Academic Discipline MAT/03 (Geometry), MAT/05 (Mathematical Analysis)

2. 6 Credits in the Academic Discipline MAT/06 (Probability) 3. 6 Credits in the Academic Discipline INF/01 (Computer Science) or ING-INF/05 (Data Processing Systems)

Students who did not achieve the above-mentioned Credits will have to attend an interview to have the knowledge required verified.


(RC-c) Students without a level B2 English language certificate or who did not achieve at least 3 Credits in English exams (including qualifying exams without a grade), will have to attend an interview to have their English language knowledge verified.