With the recent technological advances we have developed the ability to keep track of massive amount of data. In all sectors of society, business as well as scientific domains there has been an increased availability of complex data. And this trend is leading to a critical need for skilled professionals who can mine and interpret the data. Data Science is an emerging discipline which combines the expertise coming from computer science, statistics and optimization and provides the most advanced tools for understanding, designing and implementing the process of collecting a complex amount of data and transforming it in useful knowledge. Among these tools we mention data warehousing, data compression, data visualization and high performance computing, probability models, statistical learning, machine learning, predictive analytics, uncertainty modeling. A well trained data-scientist capable of deploying these tools into a real-world problem will have improved chance of job opportunities in all kinds of business companies, innovative ICT industryas well as public sector, research and international organizations.


The Faculty I3s (read as "triple-I-s", an acronym for the italian Ingegneria Informatica, Informatica e Statistica) with its four Departments offers an innovative Master's program in Data Science aimed at mixing all the necessary ingredients for a successful learning: a solid multi-disciplinary theoretical background combined with a frequent use of laboratory activity and special emphasis on developing a final data-science thesis project. The program is taught in English to attract the motivated students from everywhere and help them develop the necessary ability to interact in an international multidisciplinary environment. It is a 2-year, 120 ECTS program ending with the development and discussion of a final thesis project.