Intellectual Property, Competition and Data Protection Law

Table of contents


I.   Data, contracts and rights. General principles

II. IP law

1.       General aspects

2.       Patents and utility models

3.       Trademarks

4.       Copyright

5.       IP rights in software

6.       IP rights in databases

7.       Trade secrets


III. Competition law

1.       General aspects

2.       Abuse of dominance. General rules and specific issues (e.g. denial of access to essential information; abuse of IP rights and procedures;  imposition of unfair trading conditions)

3.       Anticompetitive agreements. General rules and specific issues (e.g. R&D agreements, licensing agreements, standard setting organizations)

4.       Sharing of commercially sensitive information

5.       Big data and competition


IV. Data protection

1.       General aspects

2.       Data and personal data

3.       Categories of personal data. Special sectors

4.       The subjects: controller, processor, data subject

5.       Collection, circulation and use of personal data

6.       Specific issues: consent, information, profiling, data transfer, binding corporate rules

7.       The new EU Regulation

8.       Cibersecurity and data protection


* * *


The aim of the course is to provide students with an overview of the functioning of intellectual property, competition law and data protection law from both an economic and legal perspective. By the end of the course students are expected to have acquired a general understanding of the main policy issues involved, and should be able to identify and apply the relevant legal rules, in situations that can be considered routinary to professionals and businesses operating in the data science industry.


* * *

Required reading: Handouts

Suggested reading:

The rationales of  intellectual property rights

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EU data protection regulation



* * *