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Data Science Masters Programme - Guidelines for Master Thesis 

The master thesis (24 CFU) requires the development of an original data science project which must be relevant for industry and/or research. The master thesis project must involve some of the following activities: i) collection, organization and analysis of real-world data;  ii)  software development for data science applications;  iii) modelling and investigation of real-world data science problems; iv) data driven innovation in business, production or services.

Students can perform their master thesis projects either at Sapienza under the supervision of an instructor of the course or in external institutions such as companies, public bodies,  public or private research institutes, foreign or Italian universities.

Master thesis projects performed in an external institution will be supervised both from a professor of the data science course (Prof. Ioannis Chatzigiannakis <>) and from an external tutor that will be appointed by the Data Science Masters Programme Council (MORE INFO...)

The students will be assigned master thesis projects that can be completed in about 4/6 months of full time work.  The work done by the student must be reported in a thesis written in English that can also include on a digital support the software and the data produced during the project.

The publication of the results produced by the student during the master thesis cannot be restricted by the external institution that hosted the master thesis project.  However, the external institution can retain the right to not include in the thesis or in publications extracted from the thesis any internal data or information made available for the project under a non disclosure agreement signed with the student.  

The final exam will include the oral presentation in English of the project and the defence of it.  The student will illustrate during the final exam the originality and the importance of the results obtained in the master thesis and the data science methodologies he mastered for their achievement.

The criteria for grading master thesis have been discussed and approved by the Data Science Masters Programme Council of February 3rd, 2016:

             Base grade = weighted average x 11/3

            1 bonus point for graduation within the legal duration of the course (2 years for full time students, 3 or more years for part-time students)

            1 bonus point for at least three “30 cum laude”

            At most 7 points for the thesis project and the final exam.

6 and 7 points are reserved for master thesis which will contain practical results with strong impact on industry or research results which will be reported in publications.

Anti-plagiarism policy: The internal and the external supervisor are required  to declare under his/her own responsibility that all the novel results presented in the thesis have not been copied from other sources.

Please, check the website of our Administrative secretary office to know more about the thesis’ application:

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