Class Schedule

Academic Year 2020/2021 (*)


Year 1 - Term I (October 2020/December 2020)
Year 2 - Term I (October 2020/December 2020)

Year 1 - Term II (February 2021/May 2021)
Year 2 - Term II (February 2021/May 2021)

(*) As per July 7, 2020, Academic Senate decision:

  • Professors will be delivering in person all the 2020-21 courses scheduled for the first semester, regardless of the year of the course. Students can have access both in person, compatibly with the necessary safety measures, and remotely with live sessions, except for those courses with mandatory in-person attendance. Students will also have access to pre-recorded lectures and off-line educational material. Students who cannot attend in person – including international and off-campus students – can attend remotely.
  • university facilities will supply the largest number of physical classrooms at their disposal with multimedia equipment;
  • access to classrooms must be scheduled so as to guarantee all students, regardless of the year of enrolment, the possibility to attend in person as much as possible, with particular attention to first-year students;
  • the programme calendar must be optimized so that students can have continuous and non-split periods of presence in the classroom. It is also necessary to limit as much as possible the movement of students to distant classrooms/locations;
  • potential first-year students interested in degree programmes are required to register on Infostud from September 1, 2020, until September 15, 2020, and indicate the course(s) they intend to enrol in;
  • to access the classroom students will be asked to register through a reservation system set up for this purpose.

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