Training camps

Training camps 2022 - 2023

*** Training Camp by Amazon AWS ***
Date: July 5th-7th, 2023
Title: High-performance cloud computing
You will learn Cloud Fundamentals, get an introduction to Cloud Architecture, deepen your cloud skills via hands-on labs, and explore cloud careers. The virtual camp will prepare you for official AWS certifications, which you can take once you have completed the Camp!
- Increasing awareness of cloud technologies required to build successful career growth
- Enable capacity-building training and tools to bridge the academic knowledge and skills gap.
Schedule for July 7th, 2023:
- Use cases on AWS presented by AWS partners:
o 10.00h-10.45h – Carlos Carus, EMEA Ambassador AWS
o 10.45h-11.30h – Paolo Latella, Recube
o 11.30h-12.15h – Alessio Casagrande, Accenture
o 12.15h-13.00h – Andrea Barbizzi, Exprivia
o 13.00h-14-00h – LUNCH
o 14.00h-14-45h – Linda Miccio, VMEngine
o 14.45h-15.30h – Alessandro Perrino, Fastweb
o 15.30h - 16.15 – Federica Marini, Deloitte

Features and benefits:
- Building technical skills and capabilities in the field of cloud computing.
- Obtaining training by AWS Authorized Instructors with teaching and practical experience in the cloud computing field
- Participate in an official AWS Jam, a scenario-based, team-centered event where participants gain practical experience with a wide range of AWS services. AWS Jam scenarios relate to use cases, domains, and services covered in the classroom training course. The event is gamified with teams competing against each other by scoring points for completing specific challenges. Challenges have varying degrees of difficulty and are therefore worth differing amounts of points. A live leaderboard provides updates on scores and progress throughout the event. Clues and guidance can be provided to help teams move through challenges, but cost points.

Participating students are required to attend the following free online courses
- AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (
- AWS Well Architected Framework (

Extra content can be found by enrolling in the Cloud Essentials Learning Plan (

*** Training Camp by Advant ***
Date: September 6th-8th, 2023
Title: Temporal Data Analytics: Unveiling Insights for Service Optimization
Take a public service and the quality standards expected by users and clients. Your role will be to analyze available data, identify areas of improvement and implement measurable solutions.
This comprehensive course will equip participants with the necessary skills to excel in the field of Data and AI Consulting. Through practical exercises, you will learn how to create analytical models based on available data, extract and clean information from incomplete and inaccurate sources, define optimal hardware and software architectures, build analytical reporting systems, and implement effective optimization strategies.
Real-world scenarios and constantly evolving data sets will provide a dynamic learning experience, allowing you to explore a wide range of possible architectures and methods, from on-premise solutions to cloud computing environments. Moreover, you will be encouraged to leverage the skills acquired in previous courses to make informed choices that will shape the systems you build.
By the course's conclusion, you will be empowered to make an informed decision regarding a career in consulting. Pre-requisites for this course include a strong knowledge of Python, familiarity with tools for data handling and transformation (such as Pandas, SQL, and R), an understanding of data visualization principles, and the ability to collaborate effectively within a team.